Procurement management

Procurement management & Optimization

We help companies to reduce costs swiftly and sustainably. To do so, we focus all our experience and resources on strengthening your business’s Purchasing Area.

At PTS we are seeking to strengthen the purchasing area

  • By putting engineers and purchasing experts in the shoes of each company, allowing them to get to know its structure, resources, priorities etc.
  • By establishing a purchasing strategy that fits the targets of each company and market.
  • By implementing a new technologically ground-breaking approach, covering the whole expenditure cycle based on over twenty years of know-how.
  • By guaranteeing average sustainable savings of between 7 and 10%.


PTS has an extensive local and foreign suppliers Network and databases to meet its Customer Satisfaction and our Policy which is based on:

1-The right Material

2-At the right Time

3-Within budget

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