1. Industrial engineering

Our service will assist accurate from the feasibility assessment of the project, scheme designing, detail designing and implementation as well in procurement support & detail drawing remedies. We are expertise in Steel structural design and detail engineering service, for vary generous of Industrial Engineering. We ensure prior level performance of processes through efficient structure of work and extremely qualified experts with definitive technical as per the client desire.

We serve Steel Structural Design Engineering with project management planning for Industrial Technological Structures, Steel Structural Buildings and Design of Industrial Plants with structure design. As PTS, we encompass in Structural Analysis Design, Seismic Analysis Design, Stress & Failure Analysis and Steel Structure Design & Detailing alongside with Fabrication Detailing & Drawings.

Detailing of steel structure involved in:

  • Steel Structure 3D Modelling
  • Interface Modelling for Clash Detection
  • Erection Plan Layout
  • Fabrication Detail Drawings
  • Shop Detail Drawings
  • Connection Detail Drawings
  • Anchor Bolt Drawings
  • Bolt List
  • Bill of Materials
  • Specialist Reports

2. IT engineering

Regardless of the size and complexity of your infrastructure, our IT consultant will provide you with the most appropriate outsourcing services for your structures. Your IT infrastructure does not justify the permanent recruitment of computer specialist.

PTS delivers a comprehensive range IT systems design, integration, internetworking and architecture services for enterprise infrastructure software, wide-area networks, virtualization, cloud computing, and distributed, highly-scalable file systems. Our experienced consultant specialize in high-availability systems and services, corporate computing design and implementation, and systems management services.

All of our engineering services start with our customer’s business requirements and conclude with the delivery of measurable business value. If a customer already has the best possible solution in place, PTS will confirm why this is so and advise that no changes be made.

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